8 Amazing Windmills in Amsterdam

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If you are visiting Amsterdam and have never seen windmills, you need to visit them. There are 8 amazing windmills in the area surrounding Amsterdam, and they are a fun way to spend your time. The Brouwerij ‘t IJ brews beer since 1985 and has outdoor seating, so you can drink outside and take in the views of the city. The museum is open to the public, so make sure to plan a stop here on your Amsterdam trip.

The earliest known windmill in Amsterdam is the Molen de Adriaan, which was constructed on the foundations of an old fortification. The mill was used to grind stones before being turned into a tobacco mill in 1802. In the 1920s, a fire destroyed the mill, but it was restored the next year. Today, it is still operational and you can visit it as part of your Amsterdam travels.

The Riekermolen is one of the oldest windmills in Amsterdam. It was painted by Rembrandt, and visitors can see its interior. The Molen van Sloten, built in 1631, is another example of a traditional windmill. The windmill is open to the public daily, and you can tour it on National Sawmill Day. It is a must-see during your Amsterdam vacation.

The next windmill in Amsterdam is the famous Korenmolen d’Admiraal. The Admiral was a famous Dutch woman who lived in the town. In 1792, it was completed. The name “Krijtmolen” means chalk mill, and it was used to grind chalk. The stone was dried in two barns and then brought to the mill by two large granite wheels. Some of these buildings still use the same stone to make bricks and mortar. The only remaining trasmolen that utilizes wind power is the De Gooyer.

A day trip to the windmills of Zaanse-Schans is a great way to experience the beauty of the windmills in Amsterdam. You can cycle or take a bus to get there. The molens are still in use, but they’re not always open to the public. You can take a guided tour, though, to see the molens in action. It’s a good idea to check in with the windmills’ owners first before taking a ride to the site.

If you aren’t a fan of windmills, you’ll want to visit Kinderdijk. It’s the most famous group of polder mills in Amsterdam, with 19 mills located in a beautiful location. The Schiedam mills are the world’s largest, and are near the park. They have all been converted into a museum and are now a popular destination for tourists.

8 Amazing Windmills in Amsterdam
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