Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines


The Philippines has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. For example, there’s the City of Majestic Waterfalls in Iligan, a city nestled in Northern Mindanao. Located by the Bohol Sea, Iligan is an urban city sprinkled with more than 23 waterfalls. In Hamilton, there are 130. Whether you’re visiting with a group or with the entire family, you’ll be captivated by the beauty of this country.

Aside from its fame, the Philippines also has some lesser known waterfalls that you should visit. Nagkalit-Kalit is an enchanting, secluded waterfall that has a 50-meter span and a drop of 30 meters. A trek up the cliffside is required to reach the top of this gushing water fall. The trip takes about 40 minutes to reach the top. While you’re there, you may also want to swim in one of the many pools created by the falls.

Another of the Philippines’ most beautiful waterfalls is the Aliwagwag Falls. At 340 meters high, this is the highest in the country. It is considered the most impressive waterfall in Mindano, and is found in the province of Davao on the island of Mindanao. For those who are fond of swimming in the water, a short trek down the river to its base will give you a closer view of the falls.

The Aliwagwag Falls, situated in the mountains near the town of Cateel, is considered the Philippines’ tallest waterfall. It is made up of more than 100 cascades and has a height of 340 meters. The Aliwagwag Falls are home to Sawaganum fish, a beautiful and rare species of fish. To get closer to these stunning falls, you can hike down the river to the base.

The Lulugayan Falls is a hidden waterfall in Samar, but it is accessible by foot. This waterfall is also called the “Mini Niagara Falls.” It is located in a lush forest and spans 50 meters. Aside from the Lulugayan Falls, it is the second highest waterfall in the Philippines. It is located 50 km north of Iligan and has a two-tiered waterfall.

The Lulugayan Falls is the highest waterfall in the Philippines. It is a 50-meter waterfall, and is surrounded by tall palm trees and lush green foliage. Its drop is 30 meters. This falls are accessible to Filipinos. Aside from the Lulugayan Falls, there are many other amazing waterfalls in the Philippines. So, no matter what your preference, you’ll never be bored in this country!

In the south of the country, you’ll find the Cagayan River, which passes through several provinces. In the north, you can visit the Hulugan Falls, which is about 95 meters wide and 180 feet high. The falls are accessible, and there are many activities that can be enjoyed here. For example, you can go swimming here. Besides soaking your feet in the waters, you can also go for a swim.

Amazing Waterfalls in the Philippines
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